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Fresh Crypto Whale Collects Millions of Dollars from These Altcoins Over the Last 7 Days, Data Shows

The newly created giant cryptocurrency whale has been collecting various altcoins on Binance for the last seven days.

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According to data from the cryptocurrency analysis company Lookonchain, a cryptocurrency whale who just created a new wallet made large purchases from various altcoins.

According to the data, the whale in question purchased a total of approximately $15 million worth of altcoins from Binance in the last seven days.

Here are the altcoins and dollar equivalents that the cryptocurrency whale has collected from Binance in the last seven days:

  • 40,000 ILV ($3.55 million)
  • 2,609 MKR ($3.38 million)
  • 1,543 ETH ($3.17 million)
  • 6.4 million 1INCH ($2.4 million)
  • 352,240 UNI ($1.87 million)
  • 60,774 ENS ($546 thousand)
  • 49,997 LQTY ($71k)
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This whale appeared approximately seven days ago and had not previously taken any action. However, there is also the possibility that the whale is a new address that an old cryptocurrency whale uses to hide.

Illuvium (ILV), which is among the altcoins purchased by this whale, was recently launched on Binance futures. According to data, another whale moved approximately $1 million worth of ILV tokens to the exchange and sold them with probabilities immediately after the Binance listing. ILV price has increased by around 56% in the last week.

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