Crypto NewsAltcoinFormer Justice Department Attorney Evaluates SEC's Possibility to Appeal in Ripple Case!

Former Justice Department Attorney Evaluates SEC's Possibility to Appeal in Ripple Case!

Katie Haun, a former Justice Department attorney, evaluated my appeal in Ripple's legal case with the SEC.

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Katie Haun, a crypto venture investor and former Justice Department attorney, shared her views on the latest court ruling in Ripple's legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Ripple Case Likely To Appeal According To Katie Haun

Haun expressed that he believes the court's decision to classify XRP as a security is unlikely to be appealed.

In a tweet, Haun described the court's decision as a positive outcome for the industry.


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Haun, who previously worked with Chris Dixon on a16z's crypto funds, founded Haun Ventures in 2022 and has reportedly raised over $1 billion in assets.

While appeals against the decision are possible, Haun expressed skepticism about an immediate appeal, citing the need for the SEC to ask the court to split the decision and the agency's potential indifference to seeking legal clarity.

However, market participants underlined that the court's decision could have positive implications for other crypto firms involved in ongoing legal proceedings.

On the other hand, JPMorgan analysts led by Kenneth Worthington stated that the decision could benefit Coinbase in its litigation with the SEC.

They believe Coinbase is well positioned to benefit from increased trust and regulatory clarity due to its leading position in the market and respected reputation in the industry.

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