Crypto NewsBitcoinFirst Comment From Binance CEO CZ After Bitcoin (BTC) Rise!

First Comment From Binance CEO CZ After Bitcoin (BTC) Rise!

CZ, CEO of the world's largest crypto exchange Binance, spoke for the first time after the rise in Bitcoin.

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The first reaction came from Binance CEO CZ after the Bitcoin (BTC) price surged past $29,000 to the highest level of 2023.

Binance CEO Posts an Allusive Tweet Following Bitcoin's Rise

In his tweet after the rise, CZ made a humorous statement as "we're here for the technology, right".

As it is known, many Bitcoin maximalists argue that the BTC price is not important and they are in the crypto money industry for the technology underlying BTC. The maximalists in question take the “1 BTC = 1 BTC” approach when talking about the BTC price.

CZ also referred to the rise in BTC price by referring to this issue in his latest Tweet. He mocked the popular phrase that some people use to justify their entry into the crypto space, "we're here for the tech".

However, CZ's allusive tone suggests that many people don't really believe he's in for the tech. He also hints that he's not shy about admitting that he's in it for the money, as he built a successful business and became wealthy by getting involved in the crypto space.

While some people agree with CZ's honesty and realism, others may find his expression disrespectful or arrogant. Others may say that being in the business for technology and being in the business for money do not interfere with each other, and one can appreciate both aspects of cryptocurrencies without sacrificing their integrity or values.

CZ mentioned in his previous statements that he holds Bitcoin and BNB, but did not make any statement about the amount of them.

*Not investment advice.

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