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Fake “Bitcoin Spot ETF Approved” Source Allegedly Opened a Long Position Before the News

After the Bitcoin Spot ETF news spread a few hours ago turned out to be fake, an extraordinary claim came from a platform.

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A few hours ago, a tweet was shared on the Cointelegraph official X account stating that the Bitcoin Spot ETF was approved.

Bloomberg analysts and Fox Business journalists contacted BlackRock and confirmed that this information was not true. Then, Cointelegraph edited its initial tweet as “according to rumors” and then deleted it completely.

Cointelegraph apologized in its last tweet and stated that it was conducting an internal investigation and would publish an information within 3 hours.

However, Rollbit, a cryptocurrency platform, shared a screenshot of a long position that it claimed belonged to Cointelegraph in a Tweet. According to this screenshot, whose accuracy has not been confirmed, a long position of $ 50,000 was opened in Bitcoin at $ 27,774. This position, opened using 50x leverage, was closed at $ 30,274 and a profit of $ 2,250,800 was obtained.

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However, it is not known whether Rollbit shared this screenshot with a humorous approach to the events or whether such an action was actually taken. However, the “This you” phrase used by Rollbit when sharing the screenshot in question suggests that it may be more of a humorous approach.

With the impact of the news, a total of $78 million short position and $34 million long position in Bitcoin were liquidated in the last 4 hours.

*This is not investment advice.


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