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Experts Announced Ethereum Forecast for 2023! Will ETH Be At $3,000?

Experts shared their Ethereum predictions for 2023.

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Upward expectations continue to rise in Ethereum, which has risen above $ 2,000 after the successful Shanghai upgrade on April 12.

In this context, the Finder research company, which investigates the price predictions of various cryptocurrencies in the coming months or years, has announced its 2023 price prediction findings for ETH.

Announcing the results of its research in April, Finder received estimates from 32 fintech and crypto experts in this study.

Finder experts think that ETH will not reach its previous ATH of $ 4,891 in 2023.

Experts, who think that ETH will peak with $ 2,758 in 2023, stated that ETH will close the year 2023 with $ 2,342.

Forecasting experts for 2025 and 2030, ETH will be worth $5,491 at the end of 2025; It predicts that it will reach $14,814 by the end of 2030.

Noting that the SEC will classify Ethereum as a security and they are worried about the far-reaching implications, some experts said that this decision of the SEC could bring a sale by both individual investors and institutions.

Ruadhan O, the creator of Seasonal Tokens, said that he predicts that ETH can close the year 2023 with $ 2,200, that there is a possibility that the SEC will make a negative decision regarding Ethereum.

According to Ruadhan, the SEC could undermine ETH's success in the US.

YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov used the following statements about ETH:

“I think Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, will close 2023 at $2,600.

ETH will continue to correlate with BTC and increase in price over the long haul.”

Reaching $2,142 in mid-April, Ethereum continues to trade at $1,887 at the time of writing.

*Not investment advice.

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