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Bitcoin Move from Argentina-Based Oil Company!

Argentina-based oil company Tecpetrol announced that it will start Bitcoin (BTC) mining. Here are the Details...

50 Chinese Citizens Arrested for Illegal Cryptocurrency Mining in Surprise Country!

Chinese citizens, who were illegally mining cryptocurrencies, continued to use cheap electricity despite the ban in the country.

US Crypto Miner Expands Operations to Iceland

Bit Digital manager Samir Tabar announced that they will move some of their operations overseas, in a statement to local media.

SEC's New Target Revealed! Now He Has Submitted A Subpoena To This Bitcoin Mining Company!

As the SEC continues its crackdown on the cryptocurrency industry, it has sent a subpoena to Marathon Digital, one of the biggest crypto miners.

Block Bought Large Quantity of Mining Chips from Intel!

Fintech startup Block, owned by Jack Dorsey, has purchased a large amount of Intel mining chips, which are announced to be discontinued.

Intel Stops Making Chips for Crypto Miners!

It has been revealed that Intel, one of the world's largest chip manufacturers, will end the production of chips specially designed for cryptocurrency miners. Speaking...