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Cosmos (ATOM) Community Approves An Important Innovation!

Members participating in the governance of Cosmos through the ATOM token voted unanimously to accept Stride's participation in the ecosystem.

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An important voting phase has ended in ATOM, which was developed to be an alternative to crypto money networks working with proof of work.

In the governance vote attended by ATOM token holders, the participation of the startup called Stride in the Cosmos ecosystem received the approval of the majority. Stride, one of the largest liquidity providers in the cryptocurrency industry, is expected to contribute greatly to the ATOM project.

According to the details of the collaboration, Stride will play an important role in the security of the Cosmos ecosystem with some of the liquid staking rewards.

Cosmos Hub, in a post on its Twitter account, emphasized that the liquidity provider will operate in the Atom economic zone.

ATOM Ecosystem is Growing!

With the rise in cryptocurrency prices in recent months, developers have been making repeated moves to attract investors to their projects. Apart from Stride, Cosmos Hub announced last week that it has also acquired Neutron.

Although ATOM is known as one of the most reliable cryptocurrency networks, its recognition remains low next to its rivals Cardano, Solana and Ethereum. The developers aim to reverse the situation with new agreements.

After the news, there was no additional change in ATOM price. The native token of Cosmos is fluctuating between the $11.55 resistance and the $10.29 support.

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