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Controversial Market Maker DWF Labs’ Crypto Wallet: How Much of Which Altcoin? Here is its 22 Altcoin Portfolio

Cryptocurrency market maker company DWF Labs has 22 altcoins in its crypto wallets. So how much of each is there?

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Which altcoins and how much does DWF Labs, the most controversial name among cryptocurrency market making companies, especially with its recent moves, hold?

The company has been accused of market manipulation by other market-making companies, but DWF Labs denies these allegations. The company, which came to the fore with its extraordinary moves and the subsequent pumps in the tokens in question, transferred $ 1 million worth of Coin98 tokens to Binance today.

When the data is examined, it is seen that there are $19.3 million worth of altcoins in the company's known cryptocurrency wallets at the time this article was written. Although some of these are due to the increase in the value of the tokens currently held by the company, a significant part of them consists of recent investments.

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Here is the ranking of altcoins available in the controversial company's known crypto wallets:

  • ORBS: 138.9 million tokens, worth $3.51 million
  • JASMY: 600,001 million tokens, worth $1.83 million
  • FET: 7.8 million tokens, worth $1.57 million
  • CBK: 1.9 million tokens, worth $1.25 million
  • RACA: 12.95 billion tokens, worth $1.12 million
  • WFLR: 95.399 million tokens, worth $870.54 thousand
  • CRV: 2 million tokens, worth $843.74 thousand
  • GALA: 60 million tokens, worth $811.11 thousand
  • SIS: 5.5 million tokens, worth $675.05 thousand
  • RSS3: 7 million tokens worth $625.09 thousand
  • MDT: 15 million tokens, worth $610.55 thousand
  • METIS: 51.6k tokens, worth $583.08k
  • POND: 40 million tokens, worth $313.09 thousand
  • ZIG: 25 million tokens, worth $283.45 thousand
  • TRADE: 2.8 million tokens, worth $270.86 thousand
  • APM: 50 million tokens, worth $270.25 thousand
  • BBANK: 16 million tokens, worth $261.05 thousand
  • FRONT: 799,990 tokens, worth $233,000
  • ING: 275 million tokens worth $226,020
  • VEXT: 420 thousand tokens, worth $216,410
  • UFT: 1 million tokens worth $214,450
  • AUCTION: 40,001 tokens, worth $214,000

*This is not investment advice.

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