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Canadian Stock Exchange Relists XRP! Is Coinbase Listing Future?

BitBuy, one of Canada's largest exchanges, has decided to relist XRP.

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Popular altcoin XRP, which is among the top ten by market value, was delisted by many exchanges after the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple.

One of these exchanges was BitBuy, one of the largest exchanges in Canada. BitBuy announced on January 13, 2022 that it would delist XRP.

However, BitBuy, returning from this decision, decided to relist XRP.

Although BitBuy did not make an official statement or share that it re-listed XRP, it was confirmed by many social media users and Canadian investors that XRP was listed by BitBuy.

Because in the shares made on Twitter, it was stated that users can trade XRP through BitBuy.

The exchange's re-listing of XRP was interpreted as an indication that BitBuy expects a positive outcome in the Ripple-SEC case.

At this point, the famous lawyer John Deaton and Ripple CTO David Schwartz said that the decision was delayed compared to the expected date, and they found this delay reasonable.

The duo also stated that they do not see this delay as a negative situation for the decision and claimed that they can get a positive result in the Ripple-SEC case by September. argued.

While BitBuy makes the decision to relist XRP, the XRP community is waiting for XRP to be relisted on Coinbase.

At this point, the XRP community has called on Coinbase to relist XRP in recent months. However, Coinbase did not respond positively to this call.

With the rally that started in January, XRP, which has increased by almost 100%, went up to $ 0.5859 from $ 0.33 in January.

XRP continues to trade at $0.4723 at the time of writing.

*Not investment advice.

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