Crypto NewsAltcoinBreaking Minute: Coinbase Announces Listing News For Two Altcoins On The Roadmap!

Breaking Minute: Coinbase Announces Listing News For Two Altcoins On The Roadmap!

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase shared the listing news for two altcoins on its roadmap.

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Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced in its statement that Virtua (TVK) and Dimo (DIMO), two altcoins it previously added to its roadmap, will be listed on the platform.

Both tokens are based on the Ethereum network (ERC-20) and will be available for trading in the regions where Coinbase operates.

Coinbase will start accepting incoming transfers from TVK and DIMO on April 18, 2023 at 19:00 CEST. If the liquidity conditions are met, the trading will start at 19:00 CEST or later. Once there is sufficient supply of these assets, trading in TVK-USD and DIMO-USD pairs will be phased out.

What are DIMO and TVK Altcoins?

Virtua (TVK) is the native token of Virtua, a gamified metaverse that provides social, Web3 gaming, digital collectibles and interactive experiences. Users can create, buy, sell and trade unique NFTs that they can take to the metaverse, as well as purchase land and join exclusive clubs.

Dimo (DIMO) is the token that powers DIMO, a platform that allows car owners to collect, use and monetize the data on their vehicles. DIMO applications allow users to access services such as insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance.

Developers and data consumers can also access this data to develop applications and services on a stable and open platform.

Coinbase will also add an Experimental asset tag to DIMO to inform customers about the risks associated with trading assets that are new to the platform or have relatively low trading volumes. Clients will be asked to confirm that they have read and understood these risks before trading an experimental asset for the first time.

*Not investment advice.

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