Crypto NewsAltcoinBitcoin Exchange Binance Announces This Altcoin Will Support Network Upgrade!

Bitcoin Exchange Binance Announces This Altcoin Will Support Network Upgrade!

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance, on the one hand, continues its delist news, while explaining its support for updates.

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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced its support for the upcoming network upgrade of altcoin IRISnet (IRIS).

According to the announcement, the upgrade with an IRISnet block height of 19,514,010 will occur approximately on 2023-04-17 08:30. Following this, deposits and withdrawals from IRIS will be suspended from approximately 2023-04-17 07:30.

Binance Announces It Will Support Network Upgrade of Altcoin IRISnet (IRIS)

The IRISnet upgrade is expected to bring several improvements to the network, including improved security and stability, as well as improved performance.

Therefore, the Binance team urged all users with IRIS to complete any necessary deposits or withdrawals before the planned suspension to avoid potential disruptions.

IRISnet is a next-generation blockchain technology designed to facilitate the development of distributed business applications.

The network allows developers to build and deploy interoperable, decentralized applications that can be accessed by users across different blockchains.

Binance's support for the IRISnet network upgrade is in line with its commitment to provide users with access to the latest and most innovative blockchain technologies.

The exchange has continued to expand its offerings in recent years, adding support for new tokens and networks as they emerge.

By supporting the IRISnet upgrade, Binance helps ensure the network remains secure and efficient, providing developers and users with a reliable platform to build and access decentralized applications.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, exchanges like Binance will play a critical role in facilitating the adoption and integration of new blockchain technologies.

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