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Big Mistake by Poloniex Hacker Who Stole $118 Million: He Burned This Altcoin by Copying the Wrong Address

The hacker, who managed to steal a large amount from the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex, made a big mistake in an altcoin.

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In the development that took place in the early hours of yesterday, the hacker who stole approximately 118 million dollars from the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex made a big mistake.

According to the data, the hacker, acting in a hurry, accidentally transferred 10.5 million Golem (GLM) tokens worth $ 2.5 million to the token's contract address while copying and pasting wallet addresses. Thus, these funds were burned never to be accessed again.

In the cryptocurrency world, when funds are sent to the wrong address, it is impossible to get them back, so such mistakes are made frequently and they are called “fat finger” errors.

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However, although the hacker burned some of his funds, he still has a large stash of stolen cryptocurrency assets. The following assets constitute a significant portion of the funds stolen by the hacker:

  • 32.7 million USDT
  • 443 BTC ($16.5 million)
  • 6,103 ETH ($12.7 million)
  • 6.75 million USDC
  • 577 billion SHIB ($4.74 million)
  • 25.5 trillion ELON ($4.15 million)
  • 3.65 million USDD
  • 197.7 million OX ($2.67 million)

In addition, as another important development, the hacker sold 726,900 of the SAND tokens among the stolen assets through UniSwap and converted some of his assets, including SAND, into 142,643 ETH and moved them to a different cryptocurrency wallet.

*This is not investment advice.

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