Crypto NewsExchangeAttention: A Whale Wallet Transferred $267M In Bitcoin (BTC) To Coinbase!

Attention: A Whale Wallet Transferred $267M In Bitcoin (BTC) To Coinbase!

A large cryptocurrency whale transferred loaded Bitcoin to crypto exchange Coinbase in its last transaction.

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According to data from Whale Alert, an account that tracks major cryptocurrency movements, 10,010 Bitcoins (approximately $267 million), considered a hefty amount, were transferred from an anonymous wallet to Coinbase.

The purpose of the transfer is not yet known. The transaction in question came after the sudden drop of the BTC price to the $27,000 level.

Image with proof of 10,010 Bitcoin transfers on Blockchain.

The transaction has been confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain and can be viewed on Whale Alert's website. The identity of the sender and receiver is unknown.

However, the anonymous wallet received 10,000 of 10,010 Bitcoins from another anonymous wallet about 10 minutes before the last transaction.

Whale Alert is a service that monitors and analyzes millions of blockchain transactions in real time and combines them with off-chain data from hundreds of sources. It notifies large and interesting transactions as they happen and provides data through its API.

*Not investment advice.

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