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ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood Reveals Her Choice Between Bitcoin, Gold or Cash

Cathie Wood, one of the staunchest Bitcoin supporters, made an interesting statement about the role of Bitcoin in a deflationary environment.

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ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood made a bold statement about her belief in Bitcoin (BTC) as a deflation hedge for the next decade.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg's Merryn Talks Money podcast, Wood stated that he would prefer Bitcoin to gold or cash as a hedge against potential deflation.

Wood is a consistent proponent of the idea of Bitcoin as “digital gold.” Wood believes Bitcoin provides a hedge against both inflation and deflation due to its lack of adverse third-party risk and minimal institutional intervention.

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This perspective dovetails with Wood's long-standing deflationist outlook. Since 2021, Wood has maintained this view despite market concerns about rising inflation risks. Wood attributes his deflationary expectations to advances in various technologies such as artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, robotics, genomic sequencing and blockchain.

Wood's optimism about Bitcoin extends beyond its role as a financial tool. Wood says he envisions a future where Bitcoin and artificial intelligence will combine to facilitate global microtasking and division of labor in ways that are currently unimaginable.

*This is not investment advice.


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