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JUST IN: Bitfinex Responds to Allegations that Data and Passwords of Hundreds of Thousands of Users were Leaked

The company's CTO responded to allegations that there was a data breach on the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

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About 30 minutes ago, allegations that user data of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex had been compromised by hackers and that 2.5 TB of data had been leaked were made by the research company Shinoji Research.

The alleged hack in question was claimed by the ransomware group called Fsociety.

However, Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino, who is also Tether CEO, responded to the issue by saying that the hack 'appears to be fake' and the funds are safe:

Everyone is panicking about a possible database breach at Bitfinex.

Long story short, it looks fake.

The alleged hackers published 2 mega links with sample data containing 22.5 thousand email and password records.

We do not store plaintext passwords or 2FA information in cleartext.

Only 5 thousand of 22.5 thousand emails match bitfinex users

The so-called hackers did not contact us. If they had any real information, we would have a bug bounty, a customer support ticket, etc. They would ask for a ransom through We couldn't find any requests.

Different security researchers rushed to spread the word about the breach. From what we can gather though, hackers have likely collected a database of emails/passwords from different crypto leaks. Unfortunately most users use the same email/passwords on multiple sites.

We are conducting a deep analysis of our systems and currently no breaches have been detected.

Also, the KYC platform has heavy rate limitation which will not allow bulk downloading.

While we believe this is pure FUD, we will continue to review the information to make sure nothing has been overlooked.

Funds are safe.

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Stay tuned for other details regarding the hot development.

*This is not investment advice.

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